Daily Kos: A bridge too close

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A bridge too close
by lawnorder
Fri Aug 03, 2007 at 05:31:26 PM CDT

I come from a 3rd World country. A country where countless corrupt politicians have been skimping government funds for infrastructure for nearly a century. Where dictators told us what to think and that we couldn't vote during my lifetime. And where now spending money on popular projects trumps any logic or necessity. Where Karl Rove would have been considered old fashioned and naive.

So it was a big shock to me to see a bridge falling due to those myopic, corrupt views, not on my country of origin, poor and beleaguered by a succession of corrupt nepotist governments, but here, in my adopted country. The leader of the free world, the beacon of freedom. Where everyone was supposed to be equal under the law.

Except that we aren't are we ? What are the odds of Cheney or Bush's family and friends be subject to what those working stiffs in Minnesota were ? Drowning after an honest day's work. What are the odds that any of them and their enablers, the Washington pundits, would be found within 2 miles from the dome in New Orleans during Katrina.

I ask the red state voters who still support those madmen. Who do you think they are drowning in a bathtub ? Who are the millions of dollars stolen in Iraq being stolen from ? Open your eyes before you find yourself under several feet of water.

Daily Kos: A bridge too close


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