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Bush, a recovering alcoholic is shown drinking a glass of beer right before he professes to be "too sick to attend the G8 meeting of world leaders". Can anyone tell me what an ex AA is doing with a glass of alcohol in his mouth ? The man fell off the wagon! And has our country's destiny in his shaking hands -- law

Fri Jun 8, 6:34 AM ET

HEILIGENDAMM, Germany - Stricken with a stomach ailment that confined him to his hotel room,
President Bush still met Friday with France's new president and prepared for talks in Poland on a new missile defense system.

The president was already dressed when he began feeling ill in the morning, White House counselor Dan Bartlett said. He said doctors are keeping an eye on him but that Bush's illness — whether a stomach virus, a light touch of food poisoning or something else — is "not serious."

He stayed in bed to try to rest and recuperate, missing the morning session of the summit being held here of eight industrialized democracies.

But Bush taped his weekly radio address, and — for now — was not expected to alter his travel plans for later in the day, Bartlett said. After attending the summit's final day, Bush was scheduled to fly to Poland to meet with Polish President Lech Kaczynski and then on to Rome where he was to stay the night.

His sit-down with French President Nicolas Sarkozy on the sidelines of the larger summit meetings went ahead as planned, only in Bush's private chambers instead of a meeting room, Bartlett said.

The summit session Bush missed was a meeting with African leaders. Stepped-up Africa aid was one of Bush's priorities coming into Germany.

Illness sidelines Bush at G-8 summit - Yahoo! News


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