Democrats FRAME, Republicans CON

By Frameshop's Jeffrey Feldman

Many people ask me the difference between what we do here on Frameshop and what Frank Luntz does--the difference between framing and grifting.

Point #1: Honesty (framing) vs. The Shell Game (grifting)
Point #2: Bottom Up (framing) vs. Top Down (grifting)
Point #3: History (framing) vs. Marketing (grifting)

The grift. When it works, it convinces senior citizens to cash their social security checks and hand the money to a complete stranger.

The grift. When it works, it convinces children that fast food and cigarettes are good for them.

The grift. When it works, it convinces working families to help the rise of the Ameican royalty.

The grift. When it works, it puts American heritage lands into the off-shore accounts of oil companies.

The grift. When it works, it convinces idealistic young people to enlist and die for a war based on lies.

The grift.

It ain't gonna work much longer."

FRAMESHOP by Jeffrey Feldman:


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