This war's masterminds outdone Jane Fonda

The Iraq war advocates squelched or deflected dissent so effectively that.. This time, they'll have no one to blame but themselves when the Americans and half the Malaki government are helicoptered out of the Green Zone... This time, no antiwar movement will have "forced us to fight with one hand tied behind our backs," as Vietnam war apologists charged. This time, no Jane Fonda will have gone to Saddam’s Baghdad to lend aid and comfort and or demoralize our troops in the field. This war's masterminds and their pundit-cheerleaders have done all that themselves. Have they ever.

That's precisely why during the Lamont-Lieberman race Brooks and others gazed so intently into the rear-view mirrors of their historical imaginations and saw nothing in Lamont but Vietnam-era lunacy. That helped them not to notice that they’re bloodied up to their elbows in a lunacy of their own, a web of assumptions, rationalizations, lies, and alarums that’s unraveling like their commentary.

David Brooks and The Ghost of Left-Liberalism Past | TPMCafe


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