Stay the Course will be their epitaph

The agony of being a Bush Suporter With A Brain

Bob Woodward has a new book. A surprising new book. The St. Louis today reporter aptly describes what is surprising about it.

The surprise isn't in the book's conclusion -- that Iraq is a mess -- but in its [disillusioned] tone. In two earlier books on President George W. Bush .. Woodward all but saluted the commander in chief. Now, he paints Bush as the conductor of an exercise in folly (1)

Watching Bob Wodward's agony over Bush's "I'll stay the course even if (wifey) Laura and (dog) Barney are my only supports" it dawned on me why BuSWABs (see above) still support Bush. And the answer is a riot! Or would be, if we were reading this in a history book about a long dead clueless ruler and his sycophants... Bob Woodward is "staying the course"!

Stay the course is easier than figuring out how to fix this mess
Just like GW - the guy Woodward is now telling us is a clueless idiot - he himself knows things are going badly. He knows Bush is bad for the country. He knows it was a mistake to give GW a blank check. He knows things are FUBAR in the WH and Congress. He knows that getting Bush back to the WH in 2004 was a mistake. What Woodward and all other Bush supporters do NOT know is what to do about it. So they too, the Bush supporters, "Stay the Course", and just like GW, they keep on supporting. Knowing it is hopeless, knowing it is futile, knowing things are getting worse as each day passes. But hey, they don't know what else to do and "staying the course" is easy. At least easier than fixing the shiite they imposed down America's throat. Easier than owning up to their own mistakes.

Oh the irony! Woodward criticising Bush for doing exactly what he does. Too bad Woodward's brain is too long gone in his own denial to see him and other Bush "enablers" are doing precisely what drives them bonkers about their pet idiot...

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