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Sig Heil! -- Law

.. call it 'waterboarding... You can call slavery 'human resources,' too.. you can and will call them 'detention centres...'

But don't.. think you've got all of the people fooled... You have the slavish, the intellectually incapacitated and the morally compromised -- but there are millions of us out here in the real world who know exactly what you're doing.

War crimes and treason is what it is, ladies and gentlemen. Not only the breaking of the Geneva Conventions but in that process actively seeking to undermine and ultimately dismantle the underpinnings of the Republic -- THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is treason. Treason and war crimes, indeed -- you're all guilty, you know you're guilty, which is why we've just seen you try to make it legal retroactively.

It's torture. We all know it's torture. And endowing the figurehead of the moment in your new-fangled fascist regime with the power to define it as NOT Torture does not make it any the less Torture, no more than endowing him with the power to define water as fire will make that former element burn a building...

These people are traitors and war criminals. AT THIS VERY MOMENT, the purported 'leaders of the free world' are no better than Hitler and Mussolini or Stalin himself, before they'd yet committed their most heinous crimes. Fascism in its infancy is still fascism...

Take a look around, people; you're looking at a bunch of good Germans, Everywhere you go: if you don't make it your business to fight this, either by alerting your ignorant neighbours to the facts or by deliberately undermining this fascist, criminal regime -- you are, as am I, as good a German as anyone could ever hope to be.

What will it take? Burning buildings? Pane glass in the streets? Neighbours dragged away in the middle of the night? If they come for you tomorrow -- are you SURE you will hear that familiar Miranda recitation? Perhaps you might... through laughter."


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