My Left Wing :: Permission to waterboard the witness, Your Honor...

Instead of crying over the "Military Commissions Act of 2006" why not turn it against it's authors ?

I mean, surely there is a new way to avoid the 6th perjury from Libby and countless others from Rove. Waterboard them!

What, you say we can't ? Why not ? Isn't the crime one of National Security ? Aren't the witnesses well known for lying and being unreliable ? Isn't waterboarding a "harmless way to extract information" from exactly those kind of people ?

Oh, they are not terrorists you say ? How do you know ? Giving up the name of WMD specialists sounds suspicious to me. There is also the Iran code break, and the mess in Iraq... Waterboard them first and sort them out later I say. Isn't that what they did and do in Gitmo ?
lawnorder :: Permission to waterboard the witness, Your Honor...
Rove and Libby are American Citizens, you say ? That didn't protect many of the Gitmo detainees. Nor will it protect you and me if a loony on the military decides to "extraordinary rendition" us. So please tell me, why are Rove and Libby immune ?

I know they pose as "holier than thou" and act like the laws don't apply to them. But the laws still do apply to them as much as they apply to me or to the poor sap in Gitmo.

So let's waterboard them and get those SOBs to confess while we still can!

PS: IANAL, but it seems to me that nothing will better drive home the point of how horrible this new law really is: A prosecutor requesting to waterboard a witness, in court. THAT oughta make even the most in denial Bushbot quake in his boots. Because, as we all know, Bushbots are COWARDS.

Slightly tongue in cheek
Just slightly... ;-)

My Left Wing :: Permission to waterboard the witness, Your Honor...


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