My Left Wing :: As the Walls Cave In

by: thereisnospoon

I think.. the final days of September and early days of October, will be seen in the history books as the time when the corrupt, Republican villainous League of Evil was finally subdued.

...[we now see the end of] the powerful and unholy alliance between three forces:

1) The undead ghoulish spawn of ancient Nixonian evil--Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kissinger, and all those who still believe that the true lesson of Vietnam and Watergate was that we pulled out too early, and that the Executive had too little power;

2) The pea-brained, fat-waisted giant slugs of Reaganite greed--the Karl Rove fat-cats who have gorged repulsively on the pork in the taxpayer trough, while leaving the emaciated middle class out to the dogs and crows, dangling from revolving wheels of consumer, foreign and national debt; and

3) The demonic hordes of hypocritical, pharisaical bigots who cloak themselves in righteousness and American flags; the Christianists who demand the blood sacrifice of the heathen, while waving crosses that their ideological ancestors ignited effortlessly with the aura of their own evil, in an effort to rid themselves, like Macbeth's Wife, of a Mark of Cain in their own souls that they projected onto the skins of their fellow man.

But now, their reign of terror is coming to an end.

This is it. It's here. It has finally happened.

The wheels have come off. The rats and cockroaches are fleeing the ship. The ghouls are howling back to the depths whence they came; the witches are melting in the showers of justice, as the vampires waste away in the now unshielded sunlight of truth.

The walls are caving in on their Castle of Vice, their Den of Iniquity; all it will take is simply to push--and push hard--and the entire structure will collapse upon them. Dracula is subdued; all that is now required is to drive the stake through his dark heart.

In just three days, we have seen powerful revelations come to light, one cascading right after the other:

1) The entire GOP leadership protected and coddled a known sexual predator on underage children. For the homophobic bigots out there, the additional fact that they were MALE underage victims stings doubly harshly, as though it were the vitriol of holy water on the face of Satan's own spawn.

And the entire world now knows about it--quite probably through the trumpets of the very angels whose tender wings they tried to stain.

2) The GOP leadership brushed off major concerns about Al-Qaeda only two months before 9/11. The last bastion of the Evil Alliance--their Tower of Mordor--has been the assumption of superior vigilance against terrorist threats. This fortress is now in danger of utter collapse--from the same man who brought down the the previous Tower--the King of the Journalists, Returning to take his crown. And this only days after our White Knight, Bill Clinton, stormed into Roger Ailes' dragon's lair and first rescued the Truth from its distress from the smirking troll who held it captive.

Now there is no fortress left for them to defend, no stronghold for them to which to retreat. They lie rhetorically exposed, awaiting only a final assault from the forces of Reality.

3) They, who were supposed to be our viziers and protectors, have urged surrender to the same evil creatures who attacked us in the most villainous strike against our lands since Pearl Harbor. Like so many turncoat Sarumans, they would encourage us to give up hope and turn over power to our enemies--while simultaneously attacking and conquering innocent lands and killing their women and children. And speaking of turncoats, we're about to rid ourselves of our own Grima Wormtongue...

4) A record spree of spending that would make Cleopatra seem miserly and bankrupt even King Croesus. And yet, even in profligacy of this spending spree, this Alliance has yet shown the heart of the most wretched miser.

It is a HISTORIC opportunity: and all that remains is for us to drive the nails into the coffin of Evil.

And now it is time to answer the call.

GIVE. Give until it hurts. CANVASS. Walk until your poor feet give out. CALL. Call until your tongue will wag no more.

My Left Wing :: As the Walls Cave In


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