Giving birth in the jail cell floor - What Your Republican Congressperson Wants

Last week, a woman gave birth in a jail cell. Despite repeated requests to see a doctor, guards ignored her. She went through labor delivery alone without any medical help. No, this didn’t happen in Afghanistan where the woman was jailed for adultery. It happened in Harris County, TX.

It came to the attention of the media because a fellow inmate used her phone call to contact a local TV station. In recent months, a number of states have jailed pregnant women for pre-natal abuse—because they are using drugs and alcohol. Medical experts think this is the wrong way to handle the problem of substance abusing mothers-to-be because it discourages them from seeking pre-natal care for fear of failing a drug test and going to jail.

In several cases, these women have given birth in jail cells, despite repeated requests for medical attention. In one case, the infant developed an infection as a result of coming into this world in unsanitary conditions.

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