christinebarry.com - Fox: Dennis Hastert Is A Democrat Too

(Call me a cynic, but nothing like a sex scandal on the OTHER party. What ? I should think about the children ? Hey if Hastert, the man responsible for the GOP children decided politics was more important, why should I care ? And most GOPpies are still with him. It's their own children, they are making excuses ? Heck, I will put my political priorities above THEIR kids too. Parents know what is important for their kids, don't they ? -- Law)

Fox and AP are labeling Tom Foley a Dem. Turns out that Hastert is being labeled a Dem too...
The bright side, however, is that we should get most of the pedophile vote. I hear they’re an important voting block for the Republicans.

Long Island Press has corrected their mistake, but the story still googles with Hastert as a Dem.

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