BBC: Are there too many warnings in life?

Chilling instruction

If you read the warning labels on products you will know what I mean. My printer ink cartridge, for instance, has a warning that I should not drink it. I do not know whether I should thank the company that produced it for its touching concern for my health or send a letter to the product manager asking him what he thinks my IQ is. ...

you reach into your pocket for one of those refreshment strips,, "Cool Mint Listerine Pocket Packs", for instance, you will notice a word of caution in bold: WARNING: THE CARRYING CASE MAY CAUSE A CHOKING HAZARD.

In case you were tempted to eat not just the candies but the carrying case, I suppose that is a useful warning.

Weighed down by these thoughts, last evening I tried to put all the dangers surrounding me out of my mind, and relax with a book and a glass of soda.

And what better than ginger ale, caffeine free, Canada Dry, to soothe the nerves?

But no sooner had I sunk into the sofa and picked up the bottle, my eyes fell on a warning on the side of it: "Contents under pressure. Cap may blow off causing eye or other serious injury. Point away from face or people."

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Are there too many warnings in life?


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