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"NC Republican Rep. Patrick McHenry called on Democratic leaders yesterday to testify under oath: “Is the American public to believe that neither of you nor your staffs ..had prior knowledge or involvement with the release of Foley’s e-mails .. ?"

Memo to Repuglicans: It's not JUST the underage sex, it is also the lies an coverup...

Turnaround is fairplay. No matter how long Ken Star fished for dirt, Clinton did "it". But Monica was an adult and consented. Are you able to say the same about Foley ?

Take the punishment like a man, will you ? Foley did "it". Your party covered it up. End of story. Stop the whining. Stop being sissies. Stop acting like rich bratty kids. When you throw the first stone you should make sure you don't live in a glass house. And if you do get stoned back, don't cry foul. It's unbecoming. Sheesh!


The Absurd Report » I like this idea


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