War w/ Iran will cut US Oil

Another interesting tidbit from the same article... Iran controls the main oil shipping route out of the ME, and Hugo Chavez (of calling Bush "the devil" fame) has the only alternative supply. Will US have to beg Russia for oil thanks to BushDick ? That will be a riot! Guaranteed to give his dad a case of indigestion. Oh well. He is the one who released the beast on US. He deserves it. -- law

Many informed scholars and statesmen see a potential disaster from a war with Iran. That war would unite the Islamic nations in opposition to the United States and quite possibly seriously curtail oil imports. Almost a quarter of the world's oil supply passes through the Strait of Hormuz, which Iran might blockade. Hugo Chavez has vowed to shut off all oil exports from Venezuela to the US if Bush launches a war against Iran. Together, these contingencies would devastate the US economy, so much so as to force the US out of the Middle East. And the Iranians know this full well.

*The United States is becoming an international pariah. In many foreign countries, opinion polls report that the US is regarded as the greatest threat to peace. Because common threats create alliances, US belligerence may well unite the industrial world against the US. The neo-cons seem to believe that, due to our formidable military strength, other nations must meekly yield to our unilateral acts. On the contrary, the rest of the world (95% of the world's population) can destroy our economy at will by shutting off imports of essential materials, by calling in our foreign debt, and by abandoning the dollar as the prime international currency.

A Gathering Storm

A Gathering Storm

Bless the author below for still having faith in US. I can't muster it any longer... He thinks people will go to the streets Chechnia style, if another vote is rigged.

Such a sweet dream! Too bad anyone who dares will be demonized by Repug thugs. Maybe even worse than slandered, remember that torture now is legal on American citizens.

No thank you, I'll pass. I'll just keep biding my time till I can move out of here. This place was great while it lasted. It's gone now.

A Gathering Storm

Zogby - Voters Question Outcome Of '04 Election

Only 45% of Voters "Very Confident"” Bush Won Election "“fair and square". A third, 32% are "“not at all confident", believing that Bush cheated. [Oh goody, roughly the same amount who believe in Bush and the tooth fairy. Sigh... Of course he cheated! -- law]

Combining "“not at all confident"” with "“somewhat"” "“slightly", according to Webster's, produces a category of 52% who doubt” the legitimacy of the election.


What gave them the clue ? More than 5 states flipping over in less than an hour on nov 2004 ? Dozens of academic works proving the results were statistically impossible ? The fact that the fox -Diebold - is the hens -votes - caretaker ?

I'm sorry but this is what makes it hard for me to blog nowadays. I lost the faith. Bush's shenanigans are so blatantly obvious to anyone who would care to look. The ones who don't see plainly do not want to see it. And the election is so blatantly rigged! Meh, who cares, let's watch Survivor XXVIII...



Scoop: Zogby - Voters Question Outcome Of '04 Election