Make Them Accountable: Bush leaking smells foul

Carolyn Kay: I've been thinking that something didn’t seem right about Bush’s supposed involvement in the Plame leak. That’s not a compliment to the man, nor is it meant to excuse any of his awful behavior, but nothing that I’ve ever read about Bush makes me think he’s involved in anything the administration does at any level of detail. Cheney may have said, “Hey, I’m going to crush Joe Wilson,� and Bush said, “Yeah, okay.� But maybe he didn’t even do that.

Remember the reports that Bush was angry with Cheney when he realized Libby (and perhaps Karl Rove) would be indicted (New York Daily News, “Bushies feeling the boss' wrath�, October 24, 2005; Capitol Hill Blue, “Bush's Increasing Mental Lapses and Temper Tantrums Worry White House Aides�, November 2, 2005)?Cheney could have misled Libby as to the level of Bush's involvement.

Why? I don’t know, because Cheney, as he has told us, has the same power Bush has to declassify information. The executive order giving Cheney the presidential power to declassify, according to the copy archived by the Federation of American Scientists, was issued on March 25, 2003, six days after the invasion of Iraq. By that time, they must have known for sure that they weren’t going to find anything they could even pretend to call weapons of mass destruction. But it wasn’t until May that Joe Wilson started talking about the shakiness of the Niger uranium story.Were the plans born that early to use any and all methods to discredit anyone who tried to point out the administration’s massaging and manipulation of evidence so as to lead us into an unprovoked war? Had they already decided that Cheney would be the leaker?

Why would Cheney tell Libby that Bush was involved at all if he, Cheney, had the right to declassify the information?

Does it even matter? I don't know, but it makes me think we're not yet close to a complete understanding of this operation and its coverup - Caro]

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