Blah3 - I Think I See What We're Looking At, Here... Sy Hersh's Bush-Nukes Story,

Monkeyfister, brilliant -- lawCondi's speciality is in “Soviet Relations,” and Cold War Diplomacy. Seemed odd that she should rise in this New World Order. One would think she'd be teaching LAte 20th Century History, somewhere... But, then, I remembered the rest of Senior BushCo. All of these Dinosaurs are left-overs from the Cold War... And they have a new COLD WAR Plan... Cylons, take note...The Cold War Nuclear Threat scared the shit out of ALL of us ... What BushCo. is trying to create is a TERRAFYING NEW Cold War... only this time, the enemy is them turbin-wearin' Brown People. The “nice” thing to know about the Sino-Russian-West Cold War was that it was basically symetrical, most of the time, China was rarely factored into the equation. The concept of "Mutually Assured Destruction" (MAD) was firmly in place. Now? George has unilaterally unplugged us from SO many Nuclear-Related Treaties, that all agreements are now under question... THIS is where the real issue lies, and THIS is the source for REAL fear inre: George's Foreign Policies...What's that mean? Here it is:This crew wants to spark a similar TERRA!!!!!!-- Oriented Cold War, only with an ASYMETRICAL, unpredictable, “unknowable” enemy call it, Cold War^2. We're FUCT.Cold War SQUARED... Maybe CUBED. With constant (controlled[???]) Real War thrown in to keep us on-point.THAT is the end goal. It's good for business, donchaknow. Follow the money. Apply Occam's Razor.

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