War on Terrorism Documentary Playing This Weekend

American Zeitgeist
Crisis & Conscience in an Age of Terror

Playing at:

The Durango Film Festival
Friday March 3rd at 9pm
Saturday March 4th at 12pm


The Show Me Missouri Int'l Festival
Friday March 3rd at 6pm
Sat March 4th Noon

Dear friend,

I am excited to announce that the feature-length documentary American Zeitgeist will be playing for its first theatrical audiences at two film festivals this weekend: the Durango Film Festival ( www.durangofilm.org) and the Show Me Missouri Film Festival ( www.mofilmfest.com) on Friday March 3rd and Saturday March 4th. The film also recently played as part of the Cinequest Film Festival's Viewer's Voice competition in February.

The film offers a historical look at the underlying fractures of the War on Terrorism from 1979 to the present, with analysis delivered by a host of internationally renowned figures, including:

TERRORISM EXPERTS Richard A. Clarke, Peter Bergen, Daniel Benjamin, Steven Simon, Jessica Stern, Eric Margolis, William Rosenau, Susan Rice, Elizabeth Rubin and Michael O'Hanlon

PULITZER PRIZE WINNERS Steve Coll and Samantha Power

BEST–SELLING AUTHORS Christopher Hitchens, Craig Unger, Paul Berman, Tariq Ali, Chalmers Johnson, Stephen Schwartz, Noam Chomsky and David Frum

ISLAMIC/MIDDLE EASTERN STUDIES EXPERTS Kenneth Pollack, Richard Bulliet, Hamid Dabashi, John Esposito, Noah Feldman, Ali Asani and Bernard Haykel

We are also pleased to announce the launch of the movie's Web site www.americanzeitgeist.com. The site features a "Zeitgeist blog" publishing regularly on topics related to the film; detailed information about the style, content, and music in the film; as well as updates about where and when the film can be seen. Soon the site will also include video streaming excerpts from the movie and other interactive features.

Quoting a host of hotly conflicting perspectives, the film provides an unslanted but no less unsettling look at the first generational conflict of the 21st Century.

We hope to include you in that debate.

Rob McGann


Avenue E Notebook:

The official release date for the DVD of Avenue E's first film, Oracles & Demons of Ladakh, will be on June 7, 2006, the same day as a special screening of the film at The Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art in Manhatta


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