Booman Tribune : Death Threats For Critics - It's What Bush Cultists Do

12 death treats just for comparing Bush to Hitler.. Steve D says "I guess simply calling us traitors, and hoping we get killed by terrorists just doesn't do it for them at this point" - Sigh... -- law

Perhaps you've heard the story of Jay Bennish, a geography teacher in a Colorado high school. One of his students secretly taped his class discussion without asking permission from Mr. Bennish. In that class discussion Bennish compared Bush's justifications for his pre-emptive war policy in Iraq to similar tactics employed by Hitler.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Bennish's penchant for apt comparisons caused an uproar among the character assassins of the right, one of whom sent an email to the school which led to Bennish's suspension [Note: The student who had taped the class and his father had not bothered to inform the school or the teacher in an attempt to resolve their concerns. Instead they simply went public on the internet with their outrage, which is why the school, and Mr. Bennish did not learn of the issue until the email was received.]

That wasn't enough for the rabid right, however. Bennish soon became a cause celebre on numerous right wing talk shows, and across the wingnut blogosphere, all because he dared to suggest that President Bush's war policies. However, while 150 student supporters of Bennish peacefully protested his suspension, Bennish opponents employed a different tactic to make their point:

DENVER - The father of a Colorado teacher who compared President Bush's State of the Union address to speeches made by Adolf Hitler said he and his family have received at least 12 death threats.

Booman Tribune ~ Death Threats For Critics - It's What Bush Cultists Do


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