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"Open Hardware - SUN opens up UltraSPARC processors
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Just recently I played with the open hardware idea when blogging about the $100 laptop. Now, SUN has opened up their UltraSPARC T1 processor design [1,2]. Of course, it is a long way from Verilog to the final chip. But at least for Universities it is an intersting opportunity.

At the Ingenieurschule Biel we used to work with Verilog and VHDL [3] and then implemented alorightms and microprocessor cores etc. in FPGA chips, as it has e.g. been done for the the so called 'Gecko' project [4]. Verilog and FPGA are quite perfect for rapid prototyping and therefore of interest for research and development industries.

circle.ch :: Open Hardware - SUN opens up UltraSPARC processors


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