Frameshop: Dick Quixote

War In Iraq Leads Only To Deeper Problems, Quixotic Cheney Still Talks Of Secrets and Promises

In the past few weeks, a radical Islamic party was elected in the Palestinian Territories, the democratically elected government in Iraq has been show to be an increasingly clear ally of Iran, and a danish newspaper cartoon has produced an outpouring of organized and effective Muslim protest, galvanizing the Middle East against American and European interests. All this, and still Dick Cheney thinks the road to national security for America is to keep fighting the 'War on Terror' in Iraq.

America does not have any more time to waste with a Vice President fighting the fictions and phantoms of his own imagination.

As a nation, we face great dangers in the world and a real enemy in Al Qaeda. Our Military needs to engage these dangers in a serious and far reaching fight for national security. But no danger to America is greater than Dick Cheney--the man controlling our foreign policy who refuses to step beyond a war in his own imagination and lead this nation to a fight against our real enemies. Dick Cheney has become "Dick Quixote" and he is tilting at windmills to the detriment of America's security.

FRAMESHOP by Jeffrey Feldman


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