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Here is the blogger that got in trouble for some since sincere (though a bit off-colored) remarks on her blog and might go to jail -- law

I've never really looked into which blogs are actually in Technorati's top 100. I never bothered with the top 100 because I believe becoming a top 100 Technorati blogger is simply not going to happen with the narrow topical scope I have with this particular weblog. Nevertheless, I checked out what's 'hot' according to Technorati which is how I found Xiaxue.

Wendy Cheng a.k.a. Xiaxue
Xiaxue, a real 'blogstar'

Xiaxue's blog has a respectable top 40 position on Technorati. Quite an accomplishment for a 21 year old girl from Singapore who's simply blogging about her personal life. Xiaxue has gathered a massive amount of loyal fans around her weblog and her postings attract the highest amount of comments I've ever seen on any weblog. Her weblog is running at a continuous +50k pageviews per day which is a truly quite impressive number for a strictly personal weblog. I think I've hit the 10k mark only once in the existence of this website, caused by a front page entry on Digg. This impressive amount of visitors allows Wendy Cheng a.k.a. Xiaxue to make a living solely out of running this one weblog. Darren, eat your heart out dude! It's hard to imagine for us mere mortals that we could earn a full income just by writing a couple of blog postings every week. And mind you, these aren't the postings that require hard work, research or good writing skills. None of that. They're simply snapshots from days in the life of a 21 years old Singapore girl.
The vain beauty queen

Xiaxue presents herself as if she's the beauty goddess of the blogosphere. On any picture you'll ever see on her website she looks good. Too good actually.

[you look pretty Xiaxue] Oh really? Well, thank you. But do not give the credit of those looks to me! Give it to Adobe Photoshop. My pictures are all enhanced (and trust me, I am good at it), so minus 40% and you get the real thing. =DXiaxue's FAQ

Reality v Photoshop:

real life


[she looks better w/o Photoshop -- law]

a blogstar like Xiaxue is bound to have enemies...

Hate sites

Just like any rockstar, a 'blogstar' is bound to have enemies. There are several 'hate sites' to be found on the internet. Let's list some examples:

* Why are you worshipping the ground she blogs on?
* We hate Xiaxue
* Ban on Wendy Cheng

Sites that may or may not be maintained by people holding a grudge against Xiaxue for whatever reason. These sites either spread 'hate' against Wendy or even try to have her weblog taken offline alltogether. Whether these sites are 'real' is unknown. One thing is sure, they drive even more traffic to Wendy's blog..

Closing notes

Whatever you may think of Xiaxue, she pulled off something many bloggers can only dream of: becoming a celebrity in (a part of) the blogosphere. In addition to that her weblog generates enough revenues to make a living out of it which means she can party 24/7 as long as she manages to crank out the occasional posting. Her weblog is an interesting piece of 'cyber culture' placed in a part of the blogosphere ..

[that is probably she is being hammered down by the PC poloice, she stood up tall.. A nail get driven, as they say in Asia, or in English: "Those who stand out will be put back in their proper place with a hammer". Yuck -- law]
Xiaxue, The Paris Hilton of the blogosphere - The Net is Dead


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