US financed the jihad in Afghanistan

Pakistan tribal leader denies Indian support NEW DELHI, Jan 12, 2006 (AFP) - Nawab Akbar Bugti has denied claims by President Pervez Musharraf that his group is being supported by New Delhi, the Hindu newspaper reported. In a satellite-phone interview from Dera Bugti the elderly, white-bearded Nawab said: "What is the need for us to take anything from anyone. The weapons we are now using flowed into this region when the United States financed the jihad in Afghanistan. It was the Inter-Services Intelligence which distributed them to Afghanistan, Iran, Jammu and Kashmir -- and to us in Baluchistan." The cost of acquiring weapons was minimal because of their easy availability, he added. Bugti warned that Baluchistan insurgents would continue attacks on both existing and future pipelines. "India-Pakistan peace is something for them to deal with, not us. We want our rights -- a fair share of the revenues from our country's resources," he told the Hindu. (Posted @ 14:00 PST)

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