Soj's European PDB 1/4/05

After scaring the bejeebus out of most of Europe, Russia and Ukraine have come to an agreement on natural gas deliveries. It looks like Ukraine will pay a tiny bit more while Russia has badly damaged its reputation.

The benevolent dictator of the United Arab Emirates has died (from natural causes). Long live the new benevolent dictator!

Uh oh! Human Rights Watch has written a letter to George Bush, urging he no longer make American taxpayers fund Israel's 3.4 billion dollar wall..

The new president-elect of Bolivia, Evo Morales, is in Venezuela where he has vowed to fight against neoliberalism and imperialism.. of course it's scaring the pants off of Washington..

The Forgotten War in the North Caucuses rages on as Russian security forces have killed 5 "rebels" in Dagestan.

Amnesty International has released a new report condemning widespread human rights abuses in Thailand, the result of the government's crackdown on the majority-Muslim southern provinces..

... the new book "State of War" says that the CIA gave Iran the formula for building a nuclear bomb during a botched operation.

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