Singapore: Where the PC police wears badges

A teen aged version of Wonkette (or rather the opposite since XiaXue has been blogging longer than W) gets in trouble with the Politically Correct crowd, which in Singapore can shut down her blog and take her to jail.. Poor kid! -- law

Jan 29, 2006
Netizen petitions against blog

POPULAR blogger Xiaxue has come under fire for accusing foreign workers of molestation at the Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve street parties in Orchard Road.

The 21-year-old, whose real name is Wendy Cheng, said in a Dec 28 posting that foreign workers are 'usually the ones' to molest 'because they are not in their own country, and they think they can get away with it'.

It has prompted an angry netizen, full-time model Mia Tan, 25, to start a petition condemning the remarks and to spur the relevant authorities to take action. It has attracted more than 400 signatures so far.

Miss Cheng had specified the nationality of the foreign workers in an earlier entry, but replaced it with a general term after she was lambasted online...

The Internet community condemned the posts as 'racist', 'irresponsible' and 'insensitive'. Some called for her blog, which attracts over 20,000 visitors daily - mostly teens - to be shut down.

Mr Benjamin Koh, 29, who was jailed a month last year for making racist remarks, also e-mailed the Ministry of Home Affairs to complain...

.. racial comments are sensitive in Singapore and youths need to take extra care when expressing these views publicly on their blog, said Mr Poh Yeang Cherng, manager at Touch Community Services, which runs cyber wellness programmes in schools.

Social psychologist Koh Cheok Eng said Miss Cheng's readers may see people as foreigners versus Singaporeans, low versus high social status, men versus women.

The Media Development Authority said it has not received any complaint on Miss Cheng's postings

[Doesn't this last sentence chill you to the core ? Imagine Bushianity with this kind of power... -- law]

Ugly Foo Diary: An article from The Straits Times - 29 Jan 2006


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