SAN FRANCISCO / Arrest in Starbucks bomb case

San Francisco police arrested a man Tuesday who they believe planted a bomb in a Starbucks restroom that was powerful enough to dismember or kill someone had it gone off, police said.

Ronald Schouten, 44, of San Francisco was taken into custody at about 5 p.m. by police on the corner of Geary Boulevard and Van Ness Street -- about four blocks south of the Starbucks at 1401 Van Ness Ave., where the bomb was discovered by an employee Monday.

"This individual appears to have acted alone,'' said police spokesman Neville Gittens, adding that Schouten had no connections to any terrorist group or anti-Starbucks groups, which have vandalized the coffeehouses in the past.

SAN FRANCISCO / Arrest in Starbucks bomb case


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