The Onion Top 10 spoofs of 2005


  1. Bush Elected President Of Iraq

  2. Asian Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, Kashmir Earthquake Battle For Natural Disasty Award

  3. Pope Died As He Lived: Propped Up For Public Viewing

  4. North Korea Nukes Self In Desperate Plea For Attention

  5. Brain-Dead Americans Defend Brain-Dead Florida Woman

  6. Prince Charles Weds Longtime Horse

  7. Losing Super Bowl Team Gets Locker-Room Condolence Call From John Kerry

  8. Theory Of Intelligent School-Board Design Disproven

  9. White House Celebrates Fifth Straight Year Without Oral Sex

  10. Pitt, Aniston To Quietly Separate

Bush Elected President Of Iraq | The Onion - America's Finest News Source


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