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Why MLW is perfect to start Video Blogging
MLW already has built in support for video, a key difference from other left leaning group forums. My Left Wing uses a different software from Kos, ET, and Booman. The SoapBlox platform used here allows people to embedd video in a diary, which Scoop (Kos, ET, Booman) and php scripts that power most other forums can not.

Alternatively, the Soapblox guru can create another "regional" forum just for the young and young at heart, and see if we get some interest!

By November 2008 we can have 1,000,000 "Farenheit 9/11" on the Web, displaying the truth Fox News and it's sisters don't want to show

Why catering to the Young Voter is important
- People can vote since they are 16
- The GOP is after the young crowd too
- Young people rebel against their liberal parents & teachers as part of growing up

GOP is rewriting history
It took Michael Moore to show how cowardly and ridiculously Bush acted in 9/11. The media had already "forgotten" and had been portraying Bush as John Wayne already. The visual, unadulterated, unvarnished truth of those 7 minutes of befuddled stupidity from our Nation's CinC did not allow the MSM to rewrite THAT part of it. But they keep on trying... Just 4 months ago Katrina's woes were in daytime television but the MSM and Fox are trying to tell a whole different story w/ no looting, no tragedy and good competent work "unjustly portrayed" by the "lib'ural media"

The next time you see a conservative talking about "Katrina Blame Game" show them this 3 links

Collage of Katrina clips and pics
Katrina Blame Game

And my favorite, which you can see right here on MLW just by clicking at the arrow:

URL for the video above, to put on those "old, technologically impaired" blogs like Kos and Booman ;-)
lawnorder :: Video blogging: Get voters while they are young, don't let GOP rewrite history!
If you look at the Typical MLW, Dkos and other top liberal blogs you will be hard pressed to find anyone under 21. And that's a tragedy that has contributed for GOP dominance. It is bad for the following reasons:

People can vote since they are 16
If we ignore the younger voters, or worse take for granted that younger voters will vote liberal we will lose that famous 100-200 votes that have been deciding elections lately.

The GOP is after the young crowd too
Their campaign is a lot more insidious than the pretty obvious "Joe Camel" that tobacco used to lure the young to smoke. Conservatives have a "coolness impairment" so they have trouble making conservatism cool, but they can pay handsomely for the comic books / cartoon / Hollywood conglomerates to put their message on the cool products, just as they got the entire MSM to repeat their platitudes.. Fox's Murdoch has bought several online communities where the young hang out...

Young people rebel against their parents & teachers
The kids of baby boomers may stray out of the liberal leanings of their parents just out of normal teenage rebellion. Kids and younger adults also have a vast majority of liberal teachers and professors to deal with, who can make them hate democrats, like this ex- conservative describes:

Daily Kos: Another wingnut to progressive tale:

When I was in college, I struggled with having an uber-liberal lesbian advisor...

My Left Wing :: Video blogging: Get voters while they are young, don't let GOP rewrite history!


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