Make Them Accaountable: Republican defenses:

From Make Them Accountable:

Republican defenses:

IDDI – I didn’t do it.

SEDI – Somebody else did it.

IJPWH – It’s just a partisan witch hunt.

TPHM – The prosecutor hates me.

IDIBIA – I did it, but I’m addicted to [fill in the blank here], and I’ll put myself in rehab soon. I promise.

from Steve B. Young, author of Great Failures of the Extremely Successful:

You forgot...

DDOT - Democrats Did It Too

IOSATUIAE - I'm Only Stepping Aside Temporarily, Until I Am Exonerated

followed by my personal favorite...

IODTSIDBADTTIWOTRP - I'm Only Doing This So I Don't Become A Distraction To The Important Work Of The Republican Party

They all forgot the traditional:

BCDIF - But Clinton Did It First !


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