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What, no Black Hawk Down movie for the heroes ? -- law

By The Associated Press Fri Jan 13, 10:33 AM ET

A look at helicopter crashes in
Iraq since March 20, 2003:

• Jan. 13, 2006: A U.S. Army OH-58 Kiowa helicopter went down near Mosul after coming to the aid of Iraqi police under hostile fire, and its two pilots were killed.

• Jan. 7, 2006: A Black Hawk helicopter carrying eight U.S. troops and four American civilians crashed near Tal Afar, killing all aboard.

• Dec. 26, 2005: Two U.S. pilots were killed after their Apache collided with another helicopter just west of Baghdad. The second helicopter was able to land and its pilots were uninjured

• Nov. 2, 2005: A U.S. Marine AH-1W Super Cobra helicopter crashed near Ramadi, killing the two crew members.

• June 27, 2005: A U.S. Apache AH-64 attack helicopter crashed in Mishahda, north of Baghdad, killing both pilots.

• May 31, 2005: An Italian AB-412 helicopter crashed south of Nasiriyah, killing four Italian troops aboard in what a spokesman said was likely an accident.

• May 26, 2005: Insurgents shot down an OH-58 Kiowa helicopter near Buhriz, north of Baghdad, killing two U.S. soldiers.

• April 21, 2005: A Russian-made Mi-8 helicopter is shot down by missile fire north of Baghdad, killing 11 people, including six American contractors.

• Jan. 26, 2005: A CH-53 Sea Stallion transport helicopter crashed in bad weather in western Iraq, killing at least 31 Marines aboard.

• Dec. 10, 2004: An Apache collided with a UH-60 Black Hawk that was on the ground at an air base in Mosul, killing two U.S. soldiers and injuring four.

• Oct. 16, 2004: Two Kiowa helicopters crashed in southwest Baghdad, killing two and wounding two.

• April 11, 2004: Gunmen shot down an Apache attack helicopter in western Baghdad, killing its two crew members.

• Feb. 25, 2004: A Kiowa crashed in a river west of Baghdad, killing the two crewmembers on board.

• Jan. 23, 2004: A Kiowa crashed near the northern town of Qayyarah, killing the two pilots.

• Jan. 8, 2004: A Black Hawk medevac helicopter crashed near Fallujah, killing all nine soldiers on board.

• Jan. 2, 2004: A Kiowa was shot down near Fallujah, killing its pilot and wounding another soldier.

• Nov. 15, 2003: Two Black Hawks crashed in Mosul, killing 17 soldiers and injuring five. The military said the helicopters collided during a likely rocket-propelled grenade attack.

• Nov. 7, 2003: A Black Hawk was downed near Tikrit, apparently by a rocket-propelled grenade, killing all six on board.

• Nov. 2, 2003: A Chinook transport helicopter was shot down near Fallujah, killing 16 and injuring 26.

• May 19, 2003: A CH-46 Sea Knight transport helicopter crashed shortly after takeoff in Hillah, killing four Marines. Another Marine drowned trying to rescue them from a canal.

• May 9, 2003: A Black Hawk crashed near Samarra, killing three soldiers, in an apparent accident.

Helicopter Crashes in Iraq War Since 2003 - Yahoo! News


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