Guardian: UK to deploy 5,700 Afghanistan troops

Wow ! Sounds like the shiite is about to hit the fan on Afghanistan, doesn't it ? 5,700 troops ?

Me wonders what the British know that we don't about Afghanistan...

Almost 6,000 men ? Where will they take it from ? Iraq ? WTF !??!?

Another FUBAR War for Bush... Maybe by the time he gets to Iran he will figure out how to win one.. NOT! -- law

A peak of 5,700 British troops will be deployed in Afghanistan in the coming months, the defence secretary, John Reid, announced today.

Mr Reid admitted the troops - who will be on a mission to protect civilians and deter terrorists - would face risks, but told the Commons the bigger than anticipated deployment was needed to help curb the huge narcotics industry and provide security.

The UK's military presence in Afghanistan, which currently stands at around 850 troops, will increase dramatically, with around 3,300 extra combat troops being sent to the lawless southern province of Helmand by July.

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | UK to deploy 5,700 Afghanistan troops


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