European Tribune - EuroPDB: January 3, 2006

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EuroPDB: January 3, 2006 - by soj

Today's big stories... Russia blinks first in the natural gas stand-off... France lifts its state of emergency... and another anarchist's bomb goes off in Greece...

After being the biggest news story of the year, Russia has decided to resume moving natural gas into Ukraine. The situation isn't completely resolved yet however.

Extremely good news in Uganda as the government has allowed Kizza Besigye to post bail. Besigye is the only politician with any realistic chance of defeating President Yoweri Museveni in next month's elections.

Police in Hyderabad, India say they have foiled a major terrorist attack after arresting two men:

The duo had links with Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and terror groups backed by it like Jaish-e-Mohammed, police said.

From the magazine Granta comes a good article about China's rapid expansion and investment in Africa:


hinese companies are preparing themselves to become multinationals, and Africa is their proving ground. 'The Chinese are very diligent,' said Mr Zheng, who wore a jacket and tie despite the humidity. 'We are good at learning, and our equipment and raw materials are cheap.' Many companies bring even their labour force from China. Africans watch in surprise as buildings are erected in weeks. ('The Chinese don't seem to rest,' Sierra Leone's Information Minister told me. 'We could learn from that.') Managers and translators live in barracks-style accommodation. No spouses, no children, none of the comfort and expense Western expatriates demand.

A bomb exploded in Athens, Greece which destroyed the car of a Finnish diplomat. Nobody was reported injured.

I missed this at the end of 2005 but I see that Spain has withdrawn its asylum for Equatorial Guinean leader Severo Moto. It is thought that Moto and then-Spanish PM Jose Maria Aznar cooperated in a failed coup attempt in Eq. Guinea, which partially involved Mark Thatcher, the son of ex-British PM Margaret Thatcher.

And last but not least, the president of France, Jacques "Tupac" Chirac, has officially lifted the state of emergency that was imposed 2 months ago to quell riots, effective tomorrow.

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