Daily Kos: Exxon and Monsanto fund Racist, Swifbaotiang think tanks

The Murtha-Bashing Cybercast News Service Swarms with Pro-Exxon, Pro-Monsanto Reports ... I mean a lot of ..anti-environmental stories. Including.. one hell of a lot of stories featuring ..Niger Innis.. and other figures which..can each be traced to either ExxonMobil and/or Monsanto-backed "nonprofits" and "think tanks".

A Million Tiny Strands
by Hunter
Sun Jan 15, 2006 at 07:21:32 PM PDT

The Murtha-Bashing Cybercast News Service Swarms with Pro-Exxon, Pro-Monsanto Reports, Quotes, and Commentary. Who's Paid to do What?

[Promoted from the diaries -- Hunter]

"Facts don't really matter. In politics, perception is reality."

-- Ron Arnold, Vice President of the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise

"We're out to kill the fuckers. We're simply trying to eliminate them. Our goal is to eliminate environmentalism once and for all."

-- Arnold in a 1992 interview. Arnold's "Wise Use" movement has been linked to right-wing militia groups.

Kos highlighted this, yesterday:

Asked about the payments, Fumento says, "I'm just extremely pro-biotech." He says he solicited several agribusiness companies to finance his book, which was published by Encounter Books. "I went after everybody, I've got to be honest," Fumento says of his fund-raising effort. "I told them that if I tell the truth in this book, the biotech industry is going to look really good, and you should contribute." [...]

Fumento insists that disclosure of financial transactions between op-ed columnists and the companies they cover wouldn't be practical.

So here's a stunner. A senior fellow at the Hudson Institute -- one of those right-wing think tanks founded in order to provide haven for truthiness-based, business-friendly "science" that no actual scientific or knowledgeable policy institution would touch with a sterile, non-conductive ten foot science pole -- solicited money from a biotech company in the process of writing a book that would make them "look really good". And sure enough, Monsanto "contributed" $60,000 to get the book written.

Now couple that for the moment with another big story of the day -- the CNSNews "story" by senior staff writer Marc Morano smearing Congressman and Vietnam war veteran Jack Murtha -- according to methods nearly identical to the "Swift Boat" claims against Kerry.

Why is Morano's "breaking" coverage of the story especially interesting? Because, as daria g and The Gadflyer point out, CNSNews was the first source of the Swift Boat Vet claims in the 2004 election. And who was the writer of those multiple stories, each sourced heavily from such figures as John O'Neill and Jerome Corsi?

Marc Morano. Exact same guy.

Imagine that. Anyone think maybe there's a connection between the background sources, in those two stories? Gee, I sure wonder what a perusal of Marc Morano's cell phone records would turn up, over the course of the last month or two.

Aside from a particular interest in the Swift Boat Vet claims, Morano has a long and inventive list of story ideas, including an entire article dedicated to the breathless report that right-wing uber-crackpot Lucianne Goldberg found Bill Clinton's memoirs "boring".

But among the stories Morano and others have returned to time and time again, for CNSNews, have been pro-biotech, pro-GMO, anti-environmental stories. And that's where, in light of yesterday's news on the Monsanto-paid Fumento and our particular interests in sniffing out links between stories, things get a bit interesting.

Because I mean a lot of pro-biotech and anti-environmental stories. Including, as it turns out, one hell of a lot of stories featuring quotes from Niger Innis, spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality, and other figures which, one by one, can each be traced to either ExxonMobil and/or Monsanto-backed "nonprofits" and "think tanks".

Daily Kos: A Million Tiny Strands


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