Daily Kos :: Comments Was Bush Wiretapping the Kerry Campaign?

Oh the irony (4.00 / 4)

...A complete copy of Watergate.
by jkfp2004 on Mon Jan 02, 2006 at 03:44:30 PM PDT

& for that reason alone (4.00 / 14)
it's perhaps worth pushing the idea forward.
not as a direct charge (till there's proof) ..I'm a bit alarmed at how possible this could be...
True part:
1. we KNOW they were spying
2. the spying INCLUDED non-foreign (completely domestic) communication
1. The same people as Watergate are involved.
2. Could they have spied on Kerry?
Yeah, they deny it but how do you prove that they didn't?? If they did not, how do you prove something that isn't there??
& more to the point, JUST by having this out there it reminds people about the spying story & that's bad for the admin.
worth spreading this question around ..as sort of an aside, a hmmm, I wonder.
by krazypuppy on Mon Jan 02, 2006 at 04:04:28 PM PDT

Do you think the spies spy on the spies? (4.00 / 2)
Other people have written that all the world agencies keep tabs on each other.
So maybe another agency has the goods on Bush's illegal activities.
I mean, their are so many different avenues of evidence, I don't know how they thought they could get away with any illegal spying.
But I guess time will tell -- the truth always seems to come out, one way or another.
by ChicagoCub on Mon Jan 02, 2006

Well Valerie Plame's division might well (4.00 / 8)
have been the spies who spied on the spies. It is well documented that they were spying on the Saudis and would have likely come across BushCo dealings in that country. More and more I believe that it wasn't about Joe Wilson or Valerie Plame, but her apparatus in the CIA. Don't forget that the CIA called for the investigation. That fact should not be glossed over. The CIA decided that they were going to take on the Administration which is rather extraordinary when you think of it.
by inclusiveheart on Mon Jan 02, 2006

Very Extraordinary! (none / 1)

Bingo! I think that's the real reason--Brewster-Jennings knew things, or were close to knowing things they weren't supposed to. Ergo, she was slimed.
by serrano on Mon Jan 02, 2006

More famous people than I have definitely (none / 1)
wondered about how close Brewster Jennings may have been at the time of Plame's outting to knowing absolutely that Iraq had no WMD and more...
by inclusiveheart on Mon Jan 02, 2006

There was a story (none / 1)
on TPM Cafe
Did Plame out WH plans for finding WMD in Iraq?
and a diary on dkos
Sibel Edmonds Case May Reveal Plame's CIA Role
which both explored some possible connections. It was very interesting, to say the least.
by joanneleon on Mon Jan 02, 2006

Daily Kos :: Comments Was Bush Wiretapping the Kerry Campaign?


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