Crooks and Liars - We’re all (Paranoid, Imbalanced) Homeland Security Agents now

Michelle Malkin sez: "these large sales [60 cellphones] came RIGHT AFTER the NYTIMES NSA leak.. [proof that] the leak alerted the sleeper cells HERE" ..brilliant reporting on Michelle's part, except for the fact that the whole thing was untrue..

We’re all (Paranoid, Imbalanced) Homeland Security Agents now

If you’re interested in viewing the results of mixing sickly paranoia with abject stupidity -- or if you want to catch a glimpse of what our country will look like once the most rabid Bush followers have full reign over it -- I highly recommend this genuinely disturbing post from Michelle Malkin. Michelle thinks that she has an important expose of a just-uncovered dastardly terrorist plot by the throngs of Middle Eastern sleeper cells inside our country. The plot she uncovered calls for The Terrorists to purchase disposable cell phones from Walmart -- all in order to evade President Bush’s illegal eavesdropping program which was traitorously disclosed by the New York Times.

In her post, creepily entitled "We Are All Homeland Security Agents Now," Michelle angrily spins a tale of domestic subversion and high-tech plotting against the U.S. that is based on nothing more than this:

Picture this: You're a retail store clerk. It's the busy Christmas season. A half-dozen men of Middle Eastern/South Asian descent walk into the store. They want to buy between 60-150 disposable cell phones--you know, the kind that can't be traced. The kind that have been used by terrorists as detonators.

The hysteria unleashed here is as stupid as it is disturbing... the whole wretched episode was spawned by that recurring, inane fiction that The Terrorists did not know that we were trying to eavesdrop on their conversations until the Times exposed President Bush’s illegal wiretap program.

Now that terrorists realize that we want to eavesdrop, these super-sophisticated, world-threatening masterminds have turned to a brand new, highly complex technology – called "disposable cell phones from Walmart"-- which they are now brilliantly using to thwart our surveillance. The same people who are so diabolical that they threaten our very existence as a nation are simultaneously too stupid and unsophisticated to realize, until they read it in the Times, that we were trying to listen in on their conversations.

George Bush and his followers have whipped up this paranoia and hysteria quite deliberately. And as his popularity ratings decline and the 2006 elections approach, the Administration, like a drug addict needing greater and greater doses to satisfy the urge, will ramp up this fear-mongering more and more. We are by no means at the peak of this syndrome, but only half way or so up the mountain.

--Posted by Glenn Greenwald

tbogg joins in..."Cellphones of Mass destruction"

[How many people have been summarily hanged or drowned because of hysteria like this? And when are Americans going to say a resounding “NO” to it?—Caro]

Why do they whip up this kind of fear? So that we’ll let them have more and more and more and more power.

The New York Times

Crooks and Liars


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