Bush's NSA spying uncovers Bin Laden plans to strike inside US

So Bush goes on vactation...

Darksyde at Kos has an excellent point: "Hoping they can protect us from anything, let alone nukes or nerve gas, is wishful thinking in the extreme, considering they couldn't protect the residents of the gulf coast from standing water."

What makes Bushies convinced Bush and his gang will use - for protecting US - any of the illegal intelligence they have been gathering ?

After receiving a Presidential Briefing about Bin Laden's plans to attack he went on vacation. After being warned about Katrina he stayed on vacation... What makes you think Bush willl work in the future dear neocon ? -- law

Somewhere Over the Wingnut Rainbow
by DarkSyde

Let's pretend for a moment, with all the ideality of an exceptionally creative five-year old, that the NSA domestic spying program has not been misused or mismanaged....

Bush & Co. were warned an attack was coming in a Presidential Daily Briefing with the (Apparently confusing and cryptic) title of "Bin Laden determined to strike in the US" a month in advance of 9-11. Condi clarified that with something along the lines that the PDB didn't really mean bin Laden is determined to strike in the US, only that bin Laden is determined to strike in the US. You can see there's a world of difference hinging on what the meaning of the word is is. Understandably then, with that confusion over italics, the White House had to extend their vacation to reflect on the mysterious is. After much brush clearing and meditation on nearby fairways and greens, they finally concluded the best course of action would be to cover up the fact that they received that glaring red flag in the first place.

The White House and the Republican House and Senate were warned, extensively, that not strengthening the levees in New Orleans was a gamble, the solution they came to was to slash funding for the whole project. They were warned over and over that allowing the wetland buffers to disappear would make the impact of any storm worse, they happily ignored that and enacted policies that accelerated the process.

They were warned days ahead of time that Katrina was gonna be the 'big one' by pretty much anyone who knew anything. Including the senior NOAA storm meteorologists, who were sitting in the Miami Office watching Katrina on the screen issuing urgent bulletins full of terms like 'unprecedented strength', "catastrophic', and 'record storm surge', while telling the national media it was going to be worse than any storm in living memory. The danger was hugely obvious; the storm clouds could literally be seen from the moon. What was the White House thinking?

Someday I'll wish upon a star. And wake up where the clouds are far behind me ...

As the flood waters first ravaged the coast and then filled up New Orleans, the White House did nothing, they were all on vacation. Well, maybe they did something; Bush did do a little brush clearing and some guitar strumm'n. A vacationing Condi thought it would be a good time catch a Broadway Show and go shopping for new shoes. Michael Brown, head of FEMA, was bragging that he looked like a fashion God. The Vice President was 'fishing in Wyoming', and as luck would have it, the veep was either completely cut off from civilization, or had hung out the 'Gone Fish'n: Do Not Disturb Even in the Event of National Catastrophe or Nuclear Attack' sign on the cabin door.

And of course, once again, after the fact, Bush and the whole crew showed up days late and a few tens of billions of dollars short. And of course, once again, he and his bumbling cronies du jour proceeded to appear in a series of hastily scheduled interviews and photo-ops in operation Cover Bush's Ass. Meanwhile, people stranded in apocalyptic disaster zones fought over rancid candy bars and soggy loaves of moldy bread; AKA "looting". The tragicomic highlights included Bush claiming 'No one could have anticipated' the disaster on national television and later assuring us that "Brownie was doing a heckuva a job", a few weeks before Brownie resigned under a black cloud of disgrace for utterly screwing up the job.

I'm curious, in a lab rat kind of way, about the behavior and internal mental processing of people who think it's just dandy to flush the Bill of Rights down the toilet, ignore the law, and turn over our precious liberties to any administration's arbitrary judgment. Most especially this White House given their record of failure piled on top of failure. Hoping they can protect us from anything, let alone nukes or nerve gas, is wishful thinking in the extreme, considering they couldn't protect the residents of the gulf coast from standing water. Forget about protection, I'd be happy if they just voluntarily told the goddamn truth once, without having to wait for it to leak out of someone's slimy ass months later, or be subpoenaed out of their zombie-like death grip after two years of legal maneuvering. In fact, strike even that modest hope; it would be a nice change of pace if Bush Inc. said nothing at all instead of blatantly lying from the get go.

So again, for all you right-wing painty-waists lurking (And we know you are) if you can come out from hiding under your bed in fear of Osama for just a few minutes, I'd like to know: Where have you been the last five years? What leads you to believe this cabal of incompetent bunglers would react in a timely, effective, and appropriate manner? Even in the fantastically improbable over-the-rainbow scenario that the illegal domestic portion of the spying program was not misused and actually turned up some pertinent information?

Daily Kos: Somewhere Over the Wingnut Rainbow


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