The Bush administration lied? Duh. Imagine my surprise.

Interesting rant by someone disilusioned w/ Bush but not a dem yet... -- law

Why does everyone waste so much time playing "gotcha". The Bush administration lied? Duh. Imagine my surprise.

There seems to be a pattern, both here and at Kos, that if we just catch the Republicans lying they will somehow crawl back into their holes. Or the American people will somehow rise up and take back its government.

Sorry, ain't gonna happen.

Republicans lie. The President lies. You can pretty much assume that everything the man says is a lie. Now get over it. It is obvious that exposing the lies does no good with an American public that understands that Bush lies, but also has been asking "so what? what would be so different if your party were in power?" According to Pew, the Democrats have an approval rating five points lower than Bush (strange how the liberal blogs never talk about this).

Democrats, as a party, are NOT for ending the war; Democrats are not for universal health care; they are not for a fair and just tax code; they are not an end to corruption in government. Some are, but the party is not. As long as the public sees the two Joes (Biden and Lieberman) as the face of the Democratic Party (and they do -- along with H. Clinton) the public will be repulsed.

Stop worrying about the lies, and start worrying about the agenda. Until the Democrats get some spine and develop a program I am for the creation of a new progressive party created on the dead carcass of the Democratic Party.

Right now neither party is interested in the issues I care about: jobs, health care, a progressive tax code, civil rights and civil liberties. One party is for destroying the Constitution, the other is for pointing the finger but doing nothing to stop it.


End of morning rant -- now back to work.

--- A (former) member of the dreaded MSM, so be kind.
by numediaman on Wed Jan 18th, 2006 at 09:45:42 AM EST

Booman Tribune ~ Newest on the 16 Words: "The Bush administration lied? Duh. Imagine my surprise."


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