Booman Tribune ~ Shooting Nicola Calipari No Accident

The Italian Red Cross treated four Iraqi insurgents to secure the release of two Italian women held hostage last year, a Red Cross official has said.

Mr Scelli - who first revealed the story to the Italian daily La Stampa - said Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's right-man man, Gianni Letta, was aware of the deal. "He acknowledged it and - albeit with a thousand recommendations - he told me to go ahead with it."

Mr Scelli said Mr Calipari had been consulted about the deal to free Ms Torretta and Ms Pari.

The two investigations on Calipari shooting - US and Italian- are not reconcilable and contain false statements, elements of white-wash and contradictions. There were reports that the shooting was intentional and targeted the journalist Giuliana Sgrena from Il Manifesto. "They don't shoot journalists, do they?"

Booman Tribune ~ Shooting Nicola Calipari No Accident


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