Booman Tribune ~ ABC's Bob Woodruff Wounded in Iraq

Insurgence on it's last throes my arse!!! The truth eventually gets undeniable...

I hope that they are doing OK! Such courage is not common among our Bush brown nosing media-- law

Bob Woodruff was named co-anchor of ABC News' World News Tonight in January 2006.

Woodruff also contributes reports to Nightline, and other ABC News broadcasts. Most recently he covered the presidential campaign of Senator John Edwards.

He has also reported extensively on the continuing unrest in Iraq from Baghdad, Najaf, Nassariya and Basra. During the initial invasion Woodruff reported from the front lines as an embedded journalist with the First Marine Division, 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion.


"ABC World News Tonight" co-anchor Bob Woodruff [PHOTO ABOVE] and his cameraman, Doug Vogt [PHOTO LEFT], were seriously injured after their convoy was hit by an improvised explosive device in Taji, Iraq, today.

Woodruff and Vogt are undergoing surgery at the U.S. military hospital in Balad. Both men suffered head injuries. Woodruff sustained shrapnel wounds and Vogt was hit by shrapnel in the head and suffered a broken shoulder.

Woodruff, Vogt and their four-man team were traveling in a convoy with Iraqi security forces. They had been embedded with the 4th Infantry Division and were in a mechanized vehicle when the explosive went off. The exposion was followed by small arms fire.

"This is very common over there now," said White House correspondent Martha Raddatz on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" today. "These attacks are planned, and this [the small arms attack] is a secondary attack. Sometimes when the medical personnel come in, they have small arms fire following up on that," said Raddatz, who also covered the Pentagon for years and has had entensive experience in Iraq.

Woodruff and his crew had been traveling in a U.S. armored humvee, but then transferred into an Iraqi vehicle — which was believed to be a much softer target for attacks.

"It was a mechanized vehicle," Raddatz said. "At least it wasn't one of the pickup trucks they usually drive around in. They were in the lead vehicle, and they were up in the hatch, so they were exposed."

Raddatz said both Woodruff and Vogt were protected. They were wearing body armor, helmets and ballistic glasses. Woodruff and Vogt were taken by medevac to the Green Zone to receive treatment. They were then flown by helicopter to Balad which is about a 20-minute ride from Baghdad, said Raddatz.

"There are very good doctors, the best medical care you can possibly get, in Balad," said Raddatz.

Booman Tribune ~ ABC Reporter Wounded in Iraq


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