I just blogrolled this guy and he is quitting ? No matter, I'll bet he will blog again, like me, Soj, Billmon and many others that swear off blogging for one reason or other but later find out they just can't quit the habit!

We should found a BA - Bloggers Anonymous to reminisce about our vain attempts to quit blogging and posting in forums...

And a BloggerAnnon for us blogger readers that crave our daily fix of excellent bloggers who left. Billmon left many in mourning for a whole year when he quit. So did Soj.
Thank heavens both came back to enrich us with their great blog pieces again!

I wonder if Eduwonk will find it as hard to quit as we BA members did... And if his readers will miss him as much as I missed Billmon and Soj -- law

Signing off
Many thanks to Eduwonk for letting me blog in this space. My mailbox today is a reminder how influential this blog has become. I'm sorry I didn't get around to talking more about how we can identify the best and weakest teachers and what we should do when we do. I've co-authored a piece, out soon here, that will do that.

Looking over my posts the last two days, I wonder if I'm the has-been who never had. Hope not!

Thanks for reading.




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