Blog trivia about this blog - RSS summary, blockquotes, italics

Very short summaries on top of every post
I have started using my own RSS feed to produce a small newsletter and I realized that most of my posts got chopped off by the RSS before you could read what the post was all about. So now I try to keep summaries short enough to be picked by RSS on top of every post

If you want to do the same - a newsletter based on a blog's RSS feed, you need to get yourself Firefox's Thuderbird e-mail client (Outlook probably des it too) or an RMail account. It gives you the ability to get RSS delivered directly to your e-mail. Then you just forward it to your "subscribers" ;-)

OK, so what about blockquotes, why don't I use them ?

Unlike most blogs, I don't use Block Quotes very often
My comments or the money quote from the article are always in italics

The original article usually is NOT on blockquote, unlike this sentence. This is different than what most blogs do. Most blogs put other people's material in blockquotes

There is a simple explanation for my quirky behavior: I usually use Blogger.com's "Blog This" button to blog about stuff I'm reading, and until very recently the "Blog This" button did not have a blockquote feature, just italics and bold. So to save time I just put my stuff in italics and left the rest normal... This has been fixed but I will keep using italics for the time being to avoid confusion when you read my old posts

Italics on the first paragraphs
As I just explained above, I usually add my comment in italics and leave the original piece normal.

Sometimes I just put the article's "Money quote" in Italics. The difference is that my comment is always signed -- law at the end.

When I comment in the middle of a quote I put my comment [in brackets] and also in italics and signed.

Well this is it, just in case you were wondering about my fascination for italics and my lack of blockquotes, plus my recent laconic paragraphs at the top of every post...


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