Armageddon Buffet: Republican Crime Family Values


.. Mark Twain [said] that our nation had no native criminal class-except Congress. He was speaking as a Republican of the Gilded Age, an era of clear Republican dominance, robber barons, laissez faire, social Darwinism, and a national legislature in the pocket of mining, oil, and railroad interests. Notably, Twain erupted in full fury when the last president of the century, Republican William McKinley, led the nation into war with Spain. His famous essays from that period -- "To the Person Sitting in Darkness" and "The War Prayer" -- richly reward re-reading now, over a hundred years later.

We can only imagine what he would say about his Grand Old Party today. Having stolen the White House twice and seized Congress with a bare majority, having risen to power on a balloon of corporate welfare and bogus "family values," they have maintained a stranglehold on the federal government through tactics of extortion and brutality worthy of a crime family. It is about time that the Republican leadership finds itself reaping the classic rewards of excessive pride.

The Prez, God's Chosen, remains married to his Iraq strategy -- if something so poorly planned can be called a strategy -- while the public increasingly moves toward the antiwar camp as casualties mount and no exit plan magically appears. Significantly, polls show that close to 60% of the masses now distrust the Thief-in-Chief they followed into war. What they once regarded as determination they now see as sheer stubbornness, and they now believe George the Lesser has lied to them and would lie again.

The summer of 2005 will be remembered in presidential history as the moment the worm turned on this particular resident of Pennsylvania Avenue. In the aftermath of the Katrina disaster, we find all the promises made tardily and hastily in front of the news cameras evaporating like the last remnants of the flood. After hurricane Rita we watched our Lord of Misrule squat at a relief site with a tool in his hand, only to demonstrate that he might hammer in the morning but in the evening he'd be back in Washington, lobbying for tax cuts that will make rebuilding the Gulf Coast impossible. Medicaid is out; fat offshore bank accounts for corporate execs are in. The long GOP crime family tradition continues: perverse Robbin' Hoods, Bush and buddies take from the poor to give to the rich....

Armageddon Buffet: Republican Crime Family Values


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