1,001 uses of 'BlogThis' and the Google Toolbar

One of the reasons that makes it impossible for me to quit blogging, even when I'm in the middle of the bluest of my "What's the point of blogging" blues is the wonderful thing Blogger did when they invented the "Blog This" button.

What is the "Blog This" Button
It's a bookmark, a button that you can put in any browser toolbar, that allows you to, at the click of a button scoop up some content from the web page you are reading, it's URL and it posts it for you on your blogger.com blog. Better yet, it opens up a window for you so you can attach notes nd pictures to your blog entry too, and you don't need to publish right away, you can save it to publish and work on it later

How can you use the "Blog This" button
How can you use it ? Better ask how can you NOT use it. I just can't live without it, it is so usefule for all kinds of Web surfing activities. "Blog This" allied with Blogger.com excellent search for posts and Google and Technorati excellent blog search tools makes for a very powerful, jack of all trades, indispensable tool for any web surfer

Using "Blog This" to share bookmarks, use your bookmarks from anywhere on earth
Just like it's more modern cousin del.icio.us, Blogger.com blogs can be used to share bookmarks. Instead of bookmarking or typing stuff in del.icio.us I just click "Blog This" and save the URL. If it is interesting enough for my lawnorder political blog I write a 2-3 lines comment and just publish the bookmark. There, I'm sharing relevant bookmark about Bush's misdeeds with all that subscribe and read my blog.

If the bookmark is not pollitically related I just save it as draft w/o publishing. There, I have my very own private bookmark list, with comments, searchable at any time, immune to hard drive crashes and availabe at any computer that can surf the Web. Pretty neat huh ?

Using "Blog This" to write a To-Do list you can access from anywhere
The button opens up a window where you can write notes. A to do list is one of the things you can save as draft and access from any computer. No more fussing with disks and PC Anywhere or any of that complicated stuff. It's fast, simple and free.

Using "Blog This" as your spell checker
The button opens up a window where you can write and the window has a spell checker, a bold and an italics. So what, mail and Wordpad do it too, right ? Except that
a) "Blog this" opens much faster than Mail and other apps, and the button is right there on top of the comments box you are writting and want to spell check
b) Blogger can be accessed from any PC
c) It saves your stuff to a private, pasword protected blog or it publishes to your personal blog, while saving the url of the form you just filled for backup purposes

PS: Google toolbar, which now comes with "Blog This" also has a lightining fast spell checker.

Using "Blog This" to save info abut stuff you did online.
Out of ink for your inkjet so you can't print an online invoice ? Hihlight the relevant part and click on "Blog This". Add notes if you want and save as draft. It is now saved, searchable, private, password protected and available from any conputer. I save scraps of all kinds of stuff to my drafts: invoices, online forms, letters to the editor, ebay auction bids, etc... Sure you get a copy on your e-mail but on which PC ? Your home PC ? What about if you need it while at work ? Whith blogger you can access it from anywhere and better yet, it saves the URL of the invoice, or payment you made or software you downloaded to try, etc...

Using "Blog This" for online research
You spend 4 hours researching for a school paper and you print out all the hot leads but later you realize you saw something important and forgot to write it down. Bumer! With "Blog This" you can effortlessly save all URLs you visited, together with some small notes about the page. There, it is saved, private, searchable, accessible from anywhere and if you don't need it later just delete it. If I want to investigate / think about that page's content a bit more before posting it to my blog I always save the URL and some notes to my drafts. Later on while searching I found many golden articles that I had read in passing and now are exactly what I need to debunk a GOP lie!!!

Using "Blog This" to do some stealth research
If someone at work or in another forum gives you a good link and you publish it right away in your blog, that person may suspect who you are in the blog world. A lot of times I save the good links as draft and publish them only a couple of days later so the moms I talk to in my stint at a parenthood forum don't suspect I'm so rabidly anti-Bush as this liberal leftie "lawnorder" blogging fiend (*). It is a perfect way to blog "undercover" while at the midst of red state Bush zombies!

Using "Blog This" as your "trophy showcase"
Every time a diary of mine got top recs at kos, MLW, Booman or other places I saved the URL and text to blogger list. My blog readers may think it's boring so I usually save it to draft, but it is always there for me, searchable and private, for my to gaze upon endlessly ;-)
And the best part is that I can save accolades I got on real life, at work, at school and in my on line persona, and it is all there for me, accessible at any computer.

Those are just some of the uses I find for "Blog This" and Blogger.com. I'm sure you will find more!


(*) - Yes, I am liberal and proud of it, and the moms there do know I don't like Bush. I keep my silence about my blog and my views there mainly because it is useless to talk politics to most moms at the forum I'm in. They are so indocrinated against "lib'urals" that they shut you off at the first mention of a TV station that isn't Fox or a newspaper that isn't published by Rev Moon or Murdoch. But they are still very nice to talk about temper tantrums, potty training and such so I am part of their forum..

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