Video of Christmas fun will comfort G.I. in Iraq thanks to charity

Good thing private citizens here still have some extra money for charity becuse Bush is letting soldier families out in the cold! Such a shameless, heartless man! - law

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Pfc. Jason Forsberg is spending Christmas in Iraq, but he'll still see his three daughters tearing open gifts under the tree. His wife, Jennifer, plans to record every holiday moment with a new video camera and send it to Jason via e-mail.

The camera, which records directly onto a DVD, was one of dozens of gifts from Season of Sharing contributors. The wrapped presents filled three Santa-sized bags, one for each of the Forsbergs' daughters: Mykayla, 8; Margurite, 3; and Gabbrielle, 19 months.

Jennifer tucked the girls' gifts away for Christmas morning, but she couldn't resist opening one of hers, the video camera, right away. She plans to use it to capture all the special moments -- including school performances, birthdays and Christmas morning -- that her husband misses while he serves with the Oregon National Guard in Iraq.

"What has been brought into my house shows incredible support for the soldiers and the people left at home," she said. "Sometimes I get to thinking that our soldiers are almost forgotten. It's times like this that I realize that they are thought of more than that."

In the eight months that Jason has been away, the family has had several health problems. They are living with Jason's parents in Forest Grove and struggling to get by on his modest salary. So gift cards totaling $1,000 for necessities, such as new tires, gas and shoes, were especially appreciated. Readers also sent money for toys, dolls, clothes, baby formula and other gifts.

Two readers adopted two other military families in Jason's company, providing them with clothes, toys and gift certificates.

Video of Christmas fun will comfort G.I. in Iraq


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