Political Sapphire: This is What it Has Come To

Tuesday, December 20, 2005
This is What it Has Come To

Three Happy Holidays (or Merry Christmas) stories from the Republicans:

The Village in Pass Christian

ANWR Meets Katrina

The Republican Revolution is Back

If you can't sort the message you need to take from these stories about what type of government we have and what really matters in America despite all our self-praising hype, you've drunk too much of the "America is the Greatest" Koolaid.

As if the national shame we should all feel knowing our President has broken the law by authorizing warrantless spying on Americans wasn't enough, now we have people living in semi-permanent *tents* and help for Katrina's still-suffering victims being linked to a pork barrel project drilling for oil up in Alaska. Months after Katrina came and went and took a lot of the Gulf Coast and people's lives with her...

Political Sapphire: This is What it Has Come To


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