Mozilla born-again as SeaMonkey after Firefox dies

Well, not exactly, but the title looked so funny I'm leaving it the way it is -- law

Mozilla Suite born-again despite Firefox Foundation

First Looks SeaMonkey 1.0 Alpha taken for a spin

THE BROWSER, and e-mail software - OK, HTML authoring tool as well - formerly known as "Mozilla" or more recently referred to as "Mozilla Suite" is back alive and kicking, despite recent efforts from the Firefox Foundation ^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B Mozilla Foundation to make it go away after freezing future development and deciding to only provide bug fixes.

Two weeks ago, the "SeaMonkey Community" released the first alpha of the successor of the Mozilla Suite, dubbed "SeaMonkey"and described as "a community effort to deliver production-quality releases of code derived from the application formerly known as "Mozilla Application Suite".

Mozilla Suite born-again despite Firefox Foundation


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