Judith Miller, Steve Emerson, Daniel Pipes and the Green Menace - Blues for Allah series

This should be part of my "Blues for Allah" series, where I lament that some people are bent on making all Westerners pick a fight with a culture of 1.5 billion people, who have lived peacefully with us for the last 400 years, apparently just to defend the statehood dreams of 14 million Jewish... Think just in terms of math. Does this sound like a good idea to you if you are not Jewish ? Hence the lies... -- law

Money quote: Reading the latest about Miller wasn't a surprise. I'd seen it before in her alliance with Emerson and her catering to the neo-cons behind the Al-Arian prosecution. She's not a journalist. She's a convenient tool for some very bad people....

Emerson's and Miller's mission had always been to depict all Muslims as likely terrorists - to foster the idea of a "conflict of cultures." One of the more enlightening explanations of that process was "The Green Peril," a 1992 Cato Institute paper by Leonard Hadar, a former bureau chief for the Jerusalem Post. In descriptions that, looking back 13 years, are near-prophetic, Hadar describes how the "green peril" - Islam - will be substituted for the "red menace." >The process, Hadar wrote, will involve government leaks that, without skepticism, are echoed by the media, creating fear and distrust in the nation.In other words, a perfect description of the work of Judith Miller.

The essence of the work of people such as [Judy] Miller and [Steve] Emerson is to blur the distinctions among Arabs... The tactic is to equate Palestinians, with their justifiable claims to nationhood, with the criminal madmen of Al-Qaida. It's an effective technique.. The fact that no Palestinian had anything to do with 9/11 is a mountain-size distinction intentionally overlooked by [Bibi] Netanyahu - and Emerson and Miller.

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