Not my kind of blogging, but it seems it sells. Wonkette has told us about Washingtonienne a "spicy" blogger who is now writing a book and there's also a London blogger and night flower... I'm glad Salam Pak from "Where's Raed" got his book deal w/o having to tell us about his sex life, though! The guy has a muslim religious background and would probably never blog if this was a requirement... -- law

SAO PAULO, Brazil (Reuters) - Just two months ago, Raquel Pacheco was making a living as a high-end call girl.. She has since left the business and become a best-selling author..

Her book, "The Sweet Venom of the Scorpion: The Diary of a Call Girl,".. In just over a month, it has sold some 30,000 copies and is already in its third edition -- a huge success in a country where only a fraction of the population reads books. It also ranks third on Brazil's bestseller list for nonfiction books..

Though Brazil is the world's largest Roman Catholic country, sex is far from a taboo subject. Brazilians of all social classes frequently flaunt their sexuality, donning skimpy clothing even in formal settings. X-rated magazines hang in plain sight at newsstands. The government distributes free condoms as part of its
AIDS prevention program. And prostitution is legal, although pimping is not.

Still, the book's success was a surprise to Pacheco, who turned to prostitution after running away from home when she was 17 and now lives with her boyfriend, a former customer.

"I thought people would be curious, not necessarily about my life, but about the life of a call girl," she said. "But I didn't think the reaction would be like this. I never thought I would be famous."


In truth, Pacheco was already flirting with fame before her book. Lonely and eager to vent, she started writing about her experiences with customers in a blog that became so popular it was profiled in several Brazilian magazines. These days the site (http://www.brunasurfistinha.com/blogs/) rarely focuses on sexual escapades, but it still gets about 20,000 hits a day.

It was the blog that drew publishers to Pacheco, who had boasted on the site that she was writing a book. She rejected three offers to put her story in print before finally signing with a small publishing house called Panda Books, which hired a journalist to help her organize her ideas into a book.

"Once I started reading the blog, I was hooked," said Marcelo Duarte, the book's publisher. "It had all the ingredients of a good soap opera -- family drama, love stories and lots of sex."

Prostitute tells all in bestseller - Yahoo! News


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