Don't Bomb Us - A blog by Al Jazeera Staffers

A message of support from some of the guys on NANOG:

Back when Akami dropped Al Jazeera and some script kiddies busyed themselves with targeting Al Jazeera, I and some others on NANOG kept track of the net outages, both in Iraq and specific to Al Jazeera. I wrote offering to put up a mirror site in North America, but since you use Micro Soft (I see it in each and every server busy-error message), that wouldn't work....

Still, in spite of your use of inferior, and monopoly tech, this is a message of support. [my emphasis]

Hahahaha....I love it! I immediately forwarded the message to the Head of IT and started showing it to people around the office. Believe me, I feel real pain everytime I see the server throwing stupid MS-SQL errors (it is really beyond me why in this day and age error messages aren't suppressed - SQL injection anyone?)

And just to set the record straight....in spite of our use of "inferior" web technology, I still work at AlJazeera :)

Don't Bomb Us - A blog by Al Jazeera Staffers


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