The Dilbert Blog: Lawyer with a Porpoise

Lawyer with a Porpoise

Several people sent comments to my blog yesterday saying they noticed that my comic on 9-6-05 that featured a porpoise killing a lawyer was published in two different versions. The tame version ran in newspapers and the edgier one ran on my website. What’s up with that, they wonder.

Sometimes I create two versions if I know that newspapers will have a problem with the edgy one. It’s not censorship per se, just a case of keeping the customers happy. I don’t feel artistically stifled because showing the edgy one to 1.5 million people on the web satisfies whatever tiny molecules of artistic integrity I possess.

Apparently there’s an unwritten rule about showing a porpoise with his head in a lawyer’s ***

I still got complaints about the tame version, but only from people who said my drawing of a porpoise looks more like a dolphin. That offended some people.
The Dilbert Blog: Lawyer with a Porpoise


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