The Cindy Sheehan Media Timeline: Very Small Doses

Nice start but he missed the vandalism of the soldier' crosses, the shots fired at Camp Casey, Bush's excuse that he needed rest to make crisp decisions (like the ones he showed in handling Katrina ?)... -- law

The Cindy Sheehan Media Timeline

April 4th, 2004: Cindy Sheehan's son, Casey (24), is tragically killed in the Sadr City section of Baghdad. (Source: The Boston Globe - through Blog Party, For all Americans)

June 17th, 2004: Cindy Sheehan meets with President Bush. (via CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer through What I'd liked to have said)

June 24th, 2004: THE REPORTER of Vacaville, CA publishes an account of Cindy Sheehan's visit with the president at Fort Lewis near Seattle.

August, 2004: Bruce Mulkey interviews Cindy Sheehan for a column that ran in the Asheville Citizen-Times. (from brucemulkey.com)

November 4th, 2004: Cindy Sheehan writes an Open Letter to George Bush which is subsequently posted on Angelfire

December 25th, 2004: Cindy writes a letter to the editors of Time Magazine titled "Rewarding Incompetence," in which she complains about their choice for Man of the Year. (via Democracy for Missouri)

February 2nd, 2005: Cindy Sheehan circulates around a mail letter explaining her plight (Source: A US-American mother about IRAQ - and on A Family in Baghdad)

February 4th, 2005: Cindy Sheehan posts an article to AlterNet titled It Wasn't Worth It. (via jOhnnYtRanSaYs)

February 22nd, 2005: Cindy Sheehan is mentioned in the Washington Post page A03 (via duckdaotsu)

March 22nd, 2005 Truthout.org features an article by Cindy titled "The Amazing Hypocrites" (via iamcoreyhawkey)

July 5th, 2005: LewisNews posts an interview with Cindy where she discusses her meeting with President Bush (via blogblogblog)

June 9th, 2005: Cindy Sheehan appears on MSNBC..clearly indicting Bush .. she cited inadequate armor on Humvees. She asked, if we are fighting a war on terror, why are we in Iraq killing innocent people?" (via Portland Independent Media News Center)

June 19th, 2005: Cindy Sheehan comments (via video clip) on the "Downing Street Minutes" on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos..

August 5th, 2005: Ms. Sheehan responds to comments made by President Bush, saying "In reaction to these two asinine (sic) and hurtful statements, members of Gold Star Families for Peace (GSFP) are going to George's vacation home in Crawford, Tx this Saturday, August 6th at 11:00 am to confront [George Bush]"

August 6th, 2005: Cindy Sheehan arrives in Crawford to speak with the President.

August 8th, 2005: Drudge makes a report about Cindy Sheehan "PROTESTING SOLDIER MOM CHANGED STORY ON BUSH"... These stories serve as a flashpoint for competing posts across the Blogosphere about the nature of Cindy's motives. (examples: The Recovering Democrat, HungryBlues)

Update: August 11th, 2005: Drudge posts a letter from the family of Cindy Sheehan (comments on Captain's Quarters)

The Cindy Sheehan Media Timeline: Very Small Doses


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