Booman Tribune: Aegis Security - Bush's Terrorist Contractors

Aegis Security - Bush's Terrorist Contractors

by Londonbear
Fri Dec 2nd, 2005 at 12:07:18 PM EST
(Promoted from the diaries by Steven D. I love diaries that provide context to a story so frequently left out of the initial reports by the mainstream print media, and this is a great example of one that does just that.)

My ears pricked up when I was watching a piece on CNN about videos on the web that allegedly show "security contractors" in Iraq shooting at civilian vehicles. The name "Aegis Defence Serices Ltd" rang a bell. The Washington Post piece describes the controvesy over the video but fails to give any detailed background on them.

So who are "Aegis"? For a contractor to an operation that purports to be to "spread freedom" and promote "Liberdy"(sic) the answer is quite surprising. On the other hand those with suspicions about the true motives of the Bush administration in Iraq may find some of their prejudices confirmed.

Aegis is actually fairly well documented. It's darkest hour was when a flight organised by a former colleague of its Chief Executive was grounded in Harare, Zimbabwe. The subsequent trials into the funding of this flight in South Africa led to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's son Mark being convicted and afterwards banned from re-entering the USA with his family.

The Chief Executive of Aegis is one Lt Col Tim Spicer. Indymedia UK gives some information on him which I have slightly cut and reformatted for clarity.

Spicer was head of an army unit in Northern Ireland that shot and killed a 19-year-old west Belfast teenager. Two soldiers were later convicted of murder, despite protests by Spicer. The two were the only British soldiers ever to be convicted of murder for an on-duty killing in Northern Ireland.


An inquiry by the British parliament into Sandline, Aegis head Tim Spicer's former firm, determined that the company had shipped guns to Sierra Leone in 1998 in violation of a UN arms embargo. Sandline's position was that it had approval from the British government, although British ministers were cleared by the inquiry. Spicer resigned from Sandline in 2000 and incorporated Aegis in 2002.

As you might suspect this was not a prinicpled resignation by an executive unaware of what his minions has been planning. Rather it was so that Spicer could have an untainted name to use to contiune his business within a complex web of companies which are often merely the covers for individual former senior officers now selling their killing skills to the highest bidder. These companies recruit their active mercenaries from the ranks of those leaving the British Army at the end of their service. The worrying implication of this is that these recruits are unable to function in civilian life and miss the excitement of toting a gun among the "wogs". Spicer's record of "supporting his boys" in the Northern Ireland murders bodes ill for his diligence in investigating the allegations about the Iraq videos.

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